Frazer in line for electoral hiding

I see arch-bigot and village idiot Willie Frazer is to dip his toes into electoral waters by challenging Sinn Féin for the council seat in the Fews vacated due to the resignation of Brendan Lewis from Newry & Mourne Council. Of course there is no need for this election to even take place. It is only necessary because of the intransigence of the DUP and UUP who refused to allow a co-option which could have saved unnecessary expense. Twelve months ago, the people of the Fews democratically expressed their wish for 3 SF councillors and 1 each from the SDLP, UUP and DUP and Mr. Lewis’ resignation should not change this democratic mandate.

But instead of allowing a co-option to re-instate this democratic outcome, instead the Unionists are determined to support Willie Frazer, the so-called victims campaigner with a sectarian agenda who sees no victimhood outside of his own religion and is perfectly happy to stand alongside Loyalist paramilitaries when it comes to launching the sectarian “Love Ulster” campaign. Given that only Frazer and Turlough Murphy of SF, brother of M.P. Conor, are standing, a Sinn Féin victory is almost certain since Nationalist parties received over 70% of the vote in the Fews in 2005. While it might be nice to see Willie’s inflated ego knocked down a peg or two by the trouncing he will receive, it is unfortunate that thousands of pounds of rate-payers money will have to be spent in the exercise.

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