The drift to war?

It is with sadness that I note the detoriating situation in the Middle East. The region seems to be tettering on the brink of all our war and if the situation gets worse, the entire region could erupt with devestating consequences for human life.

There is little point in trying to make a case that either side is completly responsible or that the finger of blame should be pointed in only one direction. Hezebollah were entirely wrong to kidnap Israeli soldiers. However, it is an inescapable truth that the Israeli reaction to this incident has been completely disproportionate and has resulted in severe loss of life and caused grave instability throughout the Middle East. Those who have felt the brunt of Israel's actions have not been those responsible for the kidnaps but rather the civilian population of Lebanon. This kind of "collective punishment" is entirely morally reprehensible. While counting death tolls is a horribly gruesome and callous way of judging these matters, it should not go unnoted that Israel has killed over 200 Lebanonese in the past 6 days, while the Hezbollah rockets have killed 12.

Israel says it wishes to "disarm" Hezbollah. It verges on lunacy to suppose that Hezebollah can be disarmed with Israelo's current tactic. Only dialogue and cool heads on both sides can prevent any further escalation. I only hope that there can be a peaceful resolution and that the international community do not forego their duty to do all possible to ensure this is the case.

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