Twin Towers and Haditha? What's the difference?

Three weeks on from my last post and I'm happy to say that I'm finally ready to get back to the blogging after a rough three weeks of study as well as a couple of days of celebrating :) Its a very wierd feeling to be finished Univeristy after spending the best 3 years of my life so far at QUB but I suppose all good things come to an end and I'm simply going to have to get on with things. At least I'll have the World Cup to keep me occupied!

Getting back into the swing of blogging, I must say that I was very struck by an article in today's Sunday Tribune by Robert Fisk. In it, he described what he saw as the American attitude to the crisis in Iraq in the wake of the revelations regarding the slaughter of innocent Iraqis by American soldiers in Haditha. In a couple of paragraphs, Fisk does an excellent job of summing up the sheer lack of regard which the Americans, led by Bush, have shown for human life;

I suspect that part of the problem is that we never really cared about Iraqis - which is why we refused to count their dead, enumerating only our own losses. And once the Iraqis turned upon the army of occupation with their roadside and suicide bombs, they became Arab 'gooks', the cowardly and murderous, evil sub-humans whom the Americans once identified in Vietnam.

Get a president to tell us we are fighting evil and one day we will wake to find that a child has horns, a baby has cloved feet. Remind yourself that these people are Muslims and they can all become little Mohammed Attas. Killing a room full of civilians is only a step further along the road from all those promicious air strikes which we are told kill 'terrorists' but which all too often turn out to be a wedding party or - as in Afghanistan - a mixture of 'terorists' and children or, as we are soon to hear, no doubt, 'terrorist children.'

There is much truth in what Fisk writes. On Septeber 11th 2001, America was struck by an evil. But Bush and the warmongers within his establishment reacted to savagery by spreading savagery throughout the world. The lives of young Iraqis are just as important as the lives of any American. But it seems there are many American soldiers who put a very low value indeed on the lives of innoncent civilians.

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