The 'Socialist' attacks Socialist for being.... well...Socialist

I see that 'Red' Bertie, who once claimed that he was the last Socialist in the Dáil, has attacked Socialist TD Joe Higgins for being Socialist. In an astonishing show of idiocy Bertie Ahern claimed that Joe had a 'failed ideology', now if Bertie Ahern is the last true Socialist in the Dáil then surely his ideology is also failed?

Joe was quite rightly attacking the Government for the current state of housing market when this tirade against him occurred. He told the Dáil that the cost of buying a house was now beyond most working people and that Fianna Fáil, which receives vast sums of money from developers, was not doing anything to tackle the problem.

Bertie Ahern claimed that Joe was "a failed person"; I fail to see how Joe is a failed person. He also said to Joe "you were rejected and your political philosophy has been rejected".

That is utter nonsense!

Joe Higgins has been elected by his constituents in the exact same way as Bertie and if Joe has been rejected then so has Bertie.

Good work Joe, keep it up!

It seems that Comrade Bertie has left the fold of Socialism, not that he was ever in it in the first place.

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