RUC/PSNI to recruit 150 part-timers

I see that the RUC/PSNI is trying to recuit 150 part-time officers in the Foyle, Ballymoney, Moyle, Newry and Mourne and South Belfast areas.

I heard about this last week and according to the person who told me they are trying to recuit 47 people in the Newry and Mourne area which I live in.

According to Policing Board member Pauline McCabe the new 'officers' should have a close connection with and reflect the communities they serve in.

How is this meant to happen in South Armagh?

85% of the electorate vote for Sinn Féin and on a recent occassion when the local DPP tried to hold a public meeting in Forkhill, anyone from South Armagh will know that this is not a Republican stronghold, the community went against it, carried out a petition and got 99% of the inhabitants to sign it. This forced the DPP to cancel their PR stunt.

In this light how can any RUC/PSNI officer have a close connection with and reflect the local community when the local community don't support the RUC/PSNI?

All I can say to Pauline McCabe is good luck trying to recuit your numbers in South Armagh, I predict that they will be as scarse as hens teeth.

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