Perhaps the time has come to invade Israel

I can't help but think with all this talk of global terrorism and the instability of the Middle-East that perhaps the time has come for the West to put Israel in its place, so to speak. Now before the same right-wing loons shout cries of Anti-Semitism I suggest they listen to my reasons.

Israel has begun an offensive against the Palestinian people of Gaza and has entered Syrian airspace and had to be repelled back by the Syrian air defence units.

What would have happened do you think if Iran or Iraq had launched an offensive against Tel Aviv or had entered Saudi Arabian airspace?

The West would be quick to act then!

Israel is responsible for the instability in the Middle-East and the US are the ones who finance their warmongering. I am not calling for the destruction of Israel but I am calling for balance in these proceedings. Israel has flouted more UN Security Council resolutions than any other country.

The West should not just sit back and allow Israel to brutalise a region with American aid or to pollute the area with their racist ideology.It's time to stand up to Israel and say enough is enough! Your aggression will not be tolerated any longer.

I won't hold my breathe for the West to respond though.

UPDATE: Israel is holding 8 members of the Palestinian Government and up to 20 MP's are also being kept hostage.

This is an act of war!

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