In the past three years many people have opposed the war in Iraq.

Few have done so with the eloquence of this man.

Perfectly Comfortable
Alan Fletcher

Child questions the world with an innocent eye
Her future depends on your reply
Does she see a tear in your eye
Or are you perfectly comfortable

All that she sees, all that she hears
Determines how she feels in fifty years
Will she be still be living with grand daddy's fears
Or be perfectly comfortable?

Are you perfectly comfortable with all that's been said
All your child is offered in your defence
And if you're perfectly comfortable
commit to offence

Are you perfectly comfortable going to war
Without moral sanction, against the law
Are you perfectly comfortable,
Fighting the world

If you're perfectly comfortable that all has been done
Then gaze at your daughters and gaze at your sons
And ask yourself this question over again
would you be perfectly happy if it happened to them
And if you are perfectly comfortable
commit to offence

History books tell the tales
Of men in armour on their crusades
Must we repeat what they have failed
To do
Its so familiar , lets solve this with the sword
Its so familiar, we know no other way to go forward
Old men will decide
Who lives and who dies
They take the blame
But we wear the shame
The future to peace lies with you and with me...
for the child
Stop for a while, gaze at the smile
Slacken your haste, reflect on the face
Of a child

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