Joint Authority/Joint Stewardship

I see that Bertie Ahern and Tony Blair have published their timetable for devolution. What I found most interersting about the timetable was the last part

"December: British Irish inter-Governmental Committee at Prime Ministerial Summit level to launch new British Irish partnership arrangements"

I would really love to know where Joint Stewardship ends and Joint Authority begins?

What remains clear is that the DUP are the only party stopping progress, all the other parties are ready to serve their communities and get down to the buisness of sorting out Health, Education, Water Rates etc

Sinn Féin remains fully committed to the GFA and as the largest Pro-Agreement party we are trying to ensure that the Assembly is up andrunning by November. That said if the DUP are still incapable of dealing with the elected representatives of the Nationalist and Republican community then the Assembly should be scraped.

The Assembly only forms one strand of a three strand agreement and the DUP has no power or influence over the other two. The All-Ireland agenda needs to be restored and expanded for the benefit of the people of Ireland.

I hope that the DUP are up to the challenge of power sharing but if they are not then roll on Joint Stewardship, the DUP's intransigence should not be tolerated any longer.

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