Its World Cup Eve!

Only one day left untill the festival of soccer that is the FIFA World Cup. Although listening to some British media outlets, you'd swear that Gallelio got it all wrong and that the world actually revolved around Wayne Rooney's foot, there are in fact 31 other countries taking part in Germany.

It hardly seems like 4 years since the "Saipan Incident" when the country seemed on the brink of civil war but unfortunately there's no Irish involvement this time round. However I'm still lookinf forward to the competition and personally it couldn't have fallen at a better time - exams are finished and my likely future employment won't begin untill at least after my graduation so June is going to involve a sofa, a tv, soccer and a six pack and I'm looking forward to it!

Personally I think its a very open competition. Brazil are the deserved favourite but they may have too many mavericks for one side. Playing forward geniuses such as Kaka, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and Adriano in the one side may make for attractive football but they are vunerable defensively. Added to the fact that they haven't won it in Europe since 1958, I don't think they'll do it this time but it'll be fun watching them try.

England go with their best team in years. With Rooney they had a real chance but without him fully fit I think they might pull up just a little short. Every 4 years, there also seems to be a great surpise African challenge. Ivory Coast look like the strongest African side but they are stuck in the group of death with Argentina, Holland and Serbia and Montenegro so perhaps Ghana might the African team to look out for.

I always like a bit of a wager to keep things interesting so personally I'll be putting a tenner on Argentina and Italy at 9/1 each. If either win, my £20 will return £100 and I have a feeling these two are best placed to take the trophy from the Brazilians. But whether you're a gambler or not, sit back and enjoy the festival of football!

And if soccer isn't your thing, then can I suggest avoiding all television, newspapers and any media outlet for the next 5 weeks!

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