Give rights to those who deserve them

Firstly I want to apologise for my lack of posting on Balrog HQ, I am just too busy at the moment what with the World Cup, Sorting out my LPC, Party work and I have also just discovered the joys of fishing.

I am pleased to see that Fine Gael is planning to introduce a bill in the Dáil this week giving homeowners more rights to confront intruders. I think it is an accepted fact that the law and legal rights are stacked against homeowners and in favour of burglars.

This inbalance needs to be corrected!

Under the bill being proposed this week; burglars would be prevented from suing a homeowner who acts "reasonably" to protect their property. If the intruder decides to sue as a result of an injury sustained, the onus would be on the prosecution to prove that the actions of the homeowner were not reasonable.

I would go one step further and deny the intruder from being able to sue under any circumstances.

At the end of the day when you make the choice to enter someone’s home to either rob them, intimidate them or to cause them harm then you have forfeited your rights.Homeowners must be given the right to protect their property and their family in their own home.

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