FF minister in words of wisdom shocker!

I see Education minister Mary Hannafin has advised all Leaving Cert students to try to keep stress levels down immediately after exams and to avoid post-mortems by trying to work out how well or badly they have done. Having been through more exams than most in the past 6 years, I couldn't agree more with this advice. On leaving an exam hall, its best to take the "Phil Coulter Approach" - What's done is done, and what's won is won and what's lost is lost and gone forever.

My advice to anybody in the midst of exams is that once you leave an exam hall, you have done all you can for that particular exam and any time spent worrying about it is wasted energy. There's nothing worse than sitting discussing the exam in depth after its over (and my co-editor of balrog is an awful f***er for it!). You achieve nothing and finding out that others answered a question differently might only upset your confidence.

Put the head down and focus on the next one! Best of luck to any Balrog readers who may be doing exams at the minute. Don't worry - there is an end in sight!

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