Ferris won't betray trust

Kerry North Sinn Féin TD Martin Ferris yesterday insisted he would not inform on any IRA members at large and wanted for the killing of Detective Garda Jerry McCabe in Adare 10 years ago.

Martin was contacted by his widow and asked for information of her husbands killing. He said he had no knowledge of the events surrounding the botched post office robbery.

Martin said he was once victim to an informer and could not be disloyal to the IRA.

“I have been an IRA volunteer in my lifetime ... I would never betray that loyalty to an organisation I once belonged to.”

Martin did say that the pain of the McCabe family came across in a documentary on RTÉ last Tuesday. He said it was an awful wrong inflicted on the McCabe family but, while he disapproved of the killing, he would not condemn an IRA operation.

I watched the documentary the other night and there is no doubt of the pain that the McCabe family went through and are still going through.

I do however object to this notion that they are the only family who went through pain and who are still going through pain.

The reality is that this mans killing and the events surronding it suits the aims and objectives of the usual suspects like Paul Williams of the Sunday Lie.

They are only interested in certain victims who suit their agenda.

Mrs McCabe's grief and suffering is no different to the thousands of others across this country on all sides and it should not be treated as such.

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