DUP whinging again

I see Peter Hain is being blamed for the failures of the Stormont Assembly so far by the DUP who seem to be reacting to not getting everything their own way like a spoilt child throwing his toys out of the pram. While Hain hasn't exactly covered himself in glory throughout the entire episode, the reality is that there is only one party to blame for the impasse and that is the DUP.

The DUP wanted a talking shop at Stormont where they could display their own self-importance during meaningless debates while continuing to refuse to fulfill their responsibilities in attempting to establish a meaningful power-sharing executive. Now that they are not being allowed to do this, they want to blame somebody else for their own pathetic failures.

The entire situation at Stormont since the recalling of the assembly has been farcial and the only pity is that after the summer recess, we will be subjected to another 12 weeks of it. There is only piece of business that this assembly should be dealing with and that is the restoration of the executive and this does not need 12 weeks. This issue can be dealt with quickly if the DUP are willing to engage constructively for the benefit of everybody in the north, If they are willing to do this, excellent. If not, their obstruction must not be rewarded.

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