DUP verbally abuse fellow councillors

I see the DUP (who laughably claim to be democrats) have resorted to threats and intimidation having lost a democratic vote on Craigavon council last night. A motion in favour of power sharing won cross party support including support from the UUP. Of course, this exteremly reasonable attempt to ensure a fair distribution of power within the council was opposed by the DUP who, accordingly to Dolores Kelly of the SDLP, reacted by attempting to threaten and intimidate UUP councilors. The verbal abuse was so bad that apparently so bad that one councillor was reduced to tears.

This gives a valuable insight into the DUP attitude towards power-sharing. As we head towards the November deadline it seems that there are many in the DUP who refuse to countanence an equitable resolution for power-sharing and we can only assume that this is an attitude which prevails throughout the party. Certainly we have seen nothing to suggest otherwise. The thuggish behaviour of these DUP councillors should not go unnoted.

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