DUP councillor attacks grieving family

I was disgusted to read in today's Irish News (subs required online) that DUP arch-bigot Davy Tweed "questioned the upbringing" of the murdered Catholic teenager Michael McIlveen who was killed a month ago. Tweed also accused people associated with the family of stirring secterian tension and said that certain families had reacted with "disbelief" to the sympathy shown to the family.

Perhaps Mr. Tweed should inform us as to who these families actually are? Are there those in Ballymena would show no sympathy to the McIlveens for the tragedy they have been through.?Or are these people just a figment of Mr. Tweed's bitter and twisted imagination?

The McIlveen family have reacted to the disgraceful comments with dignity and called upon people on both sides to work against secterianism in Ballymena. Given the honourable way in which the family have conducted themselves following this terrible tragedy, what right does Mr. Tweed have to question their integrity and the way they raised their son? But then again, given Tweed's track record in raising tensions in the area with the disgraceful picket of the Catholic Church at Harryville, perhaps we should expect no better.

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