DUP continue to oppose progress

I see the DUP seem intent on using tactics of bluster and stalling to halt any attempt at progress for the Preparation for Government committee. Attempts to get the committee up and running failed due the refusal of the DUP to accept the entirely reasonable suggestion that the committee either be chaired jointly by Sinn Féin and the DUP or that the chair be rotating starting with the leader of the Alliance party, David Forde.

In my opinion, this committee is the only piece of business at Stormont worth any attention whatsoever. The ‘Peter Hain Assembly’ is a powerless farce, its only possible use can be to lay the foundations for a meaningful power sharing government involving the four main parties. If this is not achieved by the deadline, the entire thing should be scrapped. Unsurprisingly, the DUP are already looking to extend the November 24 deadline by two weeks. What a pointless suggestion this is.

The deadline is five and a half months away. This is ample time for the DUP to decide if they are willing to share power with the democratically elected representatives of the Nationalist community. Republicans have done all in their power to aid this process. But the longer this process drags out, the more it becomes likely that the “Never, never, never” brigade don’t have the slightest intention of ever sharing power.

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