Strike action

I see that the industrial action that is being taken by the Academics has been stepped up a notch. It seems that QUB has threatned to dock the pay of those involved unless the strike comes to an end.

As a final year student this will affect me more so than first or second years. At the moment I am knee deep in coursework and revision and I have no way of knowing if it will be marked. We were told about the current situtation today by way of a letter from the AUT.

I come from a long line of trade union members, my father and grand-father were both trade union men, I myself am a member of SIPTU but I do find it hard to feel compassionate about a group of people who complain that they are only getting "£35,000" a year.

It is very easy to feel compassionate for a mother or father of four young children who are on the poverty line, a much more difficult thing to do so for an academic who is worried about where they will go on their next foreign holiday.

I suspect that Queen's will have to thread very carefully when it comes to examinations and graduations in order to stay off legal action from unhappy students.

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