Stormont on hold, for now!

I see that the British may be deciding the put the farce that is the 'Hain's Assembly' on hold for the forseeable future. Sinn Féin have said all along that unless the Assembly was being established with a view to raising the institutions then it would be pointless, nothing more than a talking shop.

It seems that the SDLP may be deciding to join us in boycotting these worthless debates, these debates can't lead to any decision and are designed to provide the DUP with cover for stalling progress.

It appears that the British goverment don't want to see empty Nationalist and Republican benches and so Peter Hain is believed to have planned no business for the Assembly next week.

It is very clear that the only people who are stalling progress are the DUP, the simple fact is that they do not want to share power. Signs of splits are beginning to show with the news that Peter Robinson believed the new committee should be for negotating while Ian Paisley has given his usual 'NO' to any prospect of negotation.

The DUP should not be allowed to stall progress, if they can't share power then the Brits should abolish Stormont once and for all and move on to Plan B.

Let's see if that can't focus their minds!

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