Pissed off!!

I am seriously pissed off to learn that the current AUT/NATFE industrial action has reached a stalemate (Hat-tip to Beano for the heads up). The AUT and NATFE have refused a proposed wage increase of 12.6% over the next three years.

I support the demands of AUT and NATFE but I resent these people using my education and my future as a bargaining tool in this grubby war of attition against the Universities. Any suggestion that they do not intend on causing distress to students is absolute horse shit!

I am also resentful at AUT/NATFE for having their hand out for their 30 pieces of silver that they want from Top-Up fees.

Students are getting screwed big time and no one seems to care!

I am snowed under with coursework, having handed in Politics coursework last week and I am in the middle of Gender Law coursework this week.

It seems it would have been more benefical for me to have spent the last 4 months in Renshaws or the Union drinking.

There has been some suggestion that in the event of our exams and coursework not being marked (which is looking more and more likely) that the University will give us "averaged" marks from the last few years.

Any student will tell you that you do most of your work in the last semester.

If this action is taken it will affect my overall average and my degree classification and should this happen QUB will find itself in court quicker than it can say "top-up fees"

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