I was disgusted and angry to learn that a Belfast 'man' has been sentenced to life after he butcherd and raped a 15 year old girl. This sick twisted bastard should not have been put in prison, he should have been plugged 20 times in the groin to begin with and then he should have been hung.

The bleeding heart liberals out there who disagree with this can save their wishe washe attitude for someone else, it's that kind of attitude that lets these bastards walk away from their depravity.

John McGrady, 48, strangled and dismembered Rochelle Holness after she vanished while going to a phone box in Catford, south London.

Judge Kramer said "I have been driven to the conclusion you must have been motivated by a sexual desire"

Sorry but that is bullshit!

This man wasn't driven by sexual desire he was driven by a will to dominate, humilate and own this young girl. This Judge replicates the typical judicial attitude on rape, i.e. it was sex. It wasn't about sex, sex was the tool but it wasn't the purpose.

The problem this presents is exactly the kind of thing that Catherine MacKinnon talks about when she describes heterosexuality as violent and I can see where she is coming from. Catherine argues that most of our sexual practices are submerged in violence and domination anyway and that by enjoying sex, even heterosexual sex, you (i.e. women) are enjoying that domination.

You can see where she is coming from here when you think about the ‘normal’ sexual position, i.e. the missionary position. This places the man on top and so emphasises the domination yet it is considered the norm.

The problem with the Judges attitude is that it perpetuates the myth that rape is about sex and not domination, he does this in order to protect the phallocentric society in which we live in.

The Judicary's primary role in rape trials, it seems to me anyway, is to reinforce the rape and as such uphold the rule of the phallus.


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