Enter the 21st Century

I was disapointed to learn that Catholic fundementalists attacked McDowell over plans to give same-sex couples equal protection under the law. This is a very important issue and goes to the very heart of equality.

Same-sex couples should be entitled to the same protection under the law as married heterosexual couples or cohabitating heterosexual couples.

Our society has changed, the notion of 'family' has changed and we must learn to change with the times.

Why shouldn't same sex couples, who have made the same commitment to each other as a husband and a wife not be entitled to the same legal benefits?

They should be allowed to inherit in the same way, they should be allowed to act as next of kin automatically and the rules around property and land should be changed as well.

I am not talking about gay marriage because the very notion of a gay marriage is oxymoronic. A marriage is the union of a man and a woman under god. That said they should be allowed civil partnership and a chance to solidify their relationship under the law.

Ireland needs to move into the 21st Century and stop imposing traditional Catholic values on those who do not wish to be ruled by them.

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