Davy says hello to Reg, I say So Long to you!

The big political story of the weekend is undoubtedly that news that David Ervine is to join the Ulster Unionist party group when the Assembly is re convened. Many are denouncing the UUP as having gotten into bed with terrorists. Personally I don't see that there is anything new or shocking in this revelation. After all, for years the UUP have proudly presented UDR members in their ranks. The UDR was probablyfar greater links with the UVF then than David Ervine has now. David Ervine stood for election and received a mandate from his consitutuents, it's up to him to with what he pleases and it's up to his electorate to decide whether to renew that mandate. So-called mainstream Unionists cosying up to Loyalism is nothing new, its happened before and will doubtless happen again. At least Reg Empey is recruiting Loyalists for political purposes. Ulster Resistance, founded by Ian Paisley, was in partnership with Loyalism in a much more shady way.

By the way, I realise I've been neglecting my blogging duties for the past week or so. Between turning 21 and plunging into final year exam study, blogging has taken a back seat and unfortunately (or not, depending on where you stand!) that's the way it will remain for the rest of the month. I'm off to Clones tomorrow for what is always one of my favourite days of the year - Armagh's entry into the championship as the Orchard men take on Monaghan's Farney Army. Come Monday it'll be head in the books time and hopefully I'll see you all safely on the other side, maybe even with a degree in hand.

Take Care.

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