Complete bullshit!!

I see that British spook Martin Ingram has accussed Martin McGuinness of being a Brit spy and informer. He made the allegation through one of the Sunday rags that passes itself off as a proper newspaper. Martin McGuinness is widly respected throughtout the Republican movement and beyond.

There is no way that I believe this bullshit because that's what it is, bullshit!!

Anyone who reads Slugger will know that Ingram is nothing more than a British spook who craves the limelight and who makes ridicilious claims in order to appear relevant. He acts like a moth drawn towards the light, always wanting to be in the spotlight.

Martin McGuinness is a respected Irish Republican who has given his lifes work towards the cause, no British spook will be allowed to tarnish this.

Martin McGuinness woke up this morning a committed Republican and he will go to sleep tonight a committed Republican and nothing this spook says can change that.

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