Wembley - a case of ineptitude?

One of the big stories of the week in England has been the news that Wembley stadium will not be ready untill at least 2007 and that all fixtures in 2006 have been re-scheduled for other venues.

Considering the stadium was supposed to be ready in a few weeks, this is a major setback, however one of the things that struck me is the comparasion between this project and the re-building of Croke Park. Wembley has been closed since 2001 and yet 5 years later they still can't produce a stadium on time. Compare this with Croke Park which was never closed for the championship season and yet was transformed into a stadium fit to rival any in the world without any All Ireland final ever having to be transferred to another venue. Those who were responsible for this feat deserve a pat on the back and perhaps some people from supposedly professional organisations could learn a thing or two from them!

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