UUP Councillor votes for a United Ireland

I must say that I had a loud chuckle when I read that Belfast UUP Councillor Davy Browne voted for a United Ireland the other night. Councillor Browne supported a Sinn Féin motion calling on the council to back plans for the formation of a 32-county state.

It seems that Mr Browne wasn't giving the occassion his full attention and he "accidentally" voted for the motion.

Dáithí de Brún. as he now likes to be called

Speaking to Daily Ireland yesterday, Mr Browne admitted to having made a “silly mistake”.

“I wasn’t paying attention when the vote came around to me,I was led to believe the vote would be close so I decided to mark up a tally on a bit of paper. I just blurted out ‘for’ when I heard my name mentioned. It was a silly mistake and, since the meeting, I have been ribbed endlessly about it. It is probably safe to say that I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll pay more attention in the future.”

Sinn Féin councillor Fra McCann said

“I welcome Davy’s support of our motion. Although it was eventually defeated, I am encouraged at it receiving cross-party support"

I am inclined to believe that Mr Browne was indeed brought round to the merits of a United Ireland and just said he was mistaken so that his friends in the UUP wouldn't throw him out, No!

Well, it's still funny ;)

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