Stoops in turmoil!

I see that the Stoops appear to be in internal turmoil with talk of a leadership challenge to Durkan.

Former vice-chairman Eddie Espie said he believed the process of a challenge had started and the full details would be known within six weeks. Mark Durkan today dismissed a potential leadership challenge as "rants and ravings".

Mr Concise

"Members won't be distracted by the rants and ramblings of people who aren't able to sustain or explain their own position in the party. Eddie resigned before he was pushed. He resigned a few days before he knew he would be voted out. The reaction in the party to his resignation has been one of relief and welcome"

Former Belfast Mayor Martin Morgan said he only heard about the leadership challenge this week and stressed that he was not a part of it.

"There are a number of people in elected positions in the party who feel the SDLP are not providing a viable alternative to Sinn Fein."

Mr Morgan added that there is a complacent view in the party that Sinn Fein will peak and it will get better for the SDLP after that.

I would agree with Martin that such a view is not realistic, still this news story has brightened up my day no end.

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