Stoops in free fall!

I am delighted to hear that the Stoops are in further decline with the news that their party membership fell by more than one third between 2002 and 2005.

According to a report prepared for the party’s elections and organisation committee in January, the SDLP had 3,386 members in 2002. The figure was down to 2,196 last year.

In areas like West Belfast the SDLP only have 24 members , fewer than they have in North Down. Then again Alex Atwood isn't in North Down. It seems that the Stoops have nose dived in Newry and Armagh as well, they only have 245 members in the whole constituency.

With all of this talk of an SDLP fightback you would expect an increase in party membership, not a decrease. This party has been revealed for what it really is, a pack of self promoting egotists
who view a devolved Stormont as their endgame.

A group of "post-nationalists" who have no direction and no leadership.

Like a daddy long legs they have had their wings stripped off, all that is left is a wriggling mass of nothing.

So much for the Stoops fightback, it will be a sucessfull as their "Stalingrad" in West Tyrone!

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