Slippery slope for Unionism

I realise that I have yet to comment on the latest twist that is the "peace process" but I will now attempt to give my perspective. Blair and Ahern have quite rightly said that enough is enough and that either Paisley plays ball or else they will pull the plug on the Assembly.

Peter Hain was quick to try and reassure Unionism that the threat of "Joint Stewardship" didn't amount to some form of Joint Authority and some Unionists have gullibly accepted that without looking at the situation as a whole.

At the moment we have "Joint Authority" in relation to the Peace Process. If Paisley fails to deliver his side of the bargain we will see this extended. It won't be called Joint Authority but it will amount to the same thing as time rolls on and the British get even more exasperated with Unionist intransigence.

Unionism will be excluded and it will be Dublin and London calling the shots. I am also happy that Unionists have finally been shown that the only part of the Agreement they have any control over is Strand one.No matter what happens the North South agenda will be advanced, this notion that if the Assembly falls then so does all the rest has been proved to be a Unionist wet dream.

Unionists will not be allowed to stagnate progress and while their siege mentality and political suicide seems inevitable the only people to suffer will be their own community.

Unionism has never been blessed with political thinkers of the long game; it has long since been shown to be a reactionary, sectarian and bigoted approach to the matters of the day.

The one thing about Unionism that has always remained constant is their quest for Power, evidenced by Robinson who is obviously champing at the bit to take power but who sees himself thwarted by the naked sectarianism of Paisley.

Poor Robinson, always the bridesmaid, never the bride!

As a Republican either outcome will suit me, if Unionism can reach the mark then fine but I will not be losing any sleep if they don't.

Unionism once again finds itself hovering over the self-destruct button, will Paisley push it or will Robinson be able to stop him.

Only time will tell

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