Sinn Féin could be 'king maker'

That is the view of PD Minister for Injustice Michael McDowell. He told his parties annual conference that in the next Dáil Sinn Féin could hold the balance of power and that the portrayal by certain commentators that the election was a two horse race was false.

"If they get between 8% and 10% of the vote and translate that into seats they will win between 11 and 16 seats in the next Dail."

"If Sinn Fein were to hold the balance of power in the next Dail, the government would either have to be a minority government dependent on them or be composed of a political alliance not currently on offer to the Irish public for which no mandate expressed or implied has been sought or obtained from the people,"

I do believe that Sinn Féin will be the balance of power in the next Dáil, our vote does not need to go up for that to happen. The last poll that concentrated on voter transfer said that over 38% would tranfer to Sinn Féin, that is the breaktrough that we need.

McDowell knows that his days in government are numbered and that his party are going to take big loses, at least half their TD's will not be re-elected.

You can't stop progress Michael!

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