PDs or Labour?

I thought it interesting that Colm O'Gorman, director of anti-abuse group One in Four has been selcted as the PD candidate for the progressive Democratcs in Wexford for the next Dáil elections. However, according to rumours on Slugger, Mr. O'Gorman previously approached the Labour party with a view to becoming their candidate.

This strikes me as very odd. Given the vastly different political outlooks, how can a man see himself as a prospective Labour candidate, then shortly change from a part of the left to the PDs, the most Conservative of the Irish parties. It doesn't make sense and to me, I think it is indicative of a level of political opportunism which is unhelpful for Irish politics. I understand that Mr. O'Gorman wants to be a TD, perhaps with airing his justifiable anger at the wrongs which were suffered at the hands of certain members of the church. However surely it would be more honest to stand as an independent rather than chopping and changing parties depending on who wants to select him.

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