Paedophiles, name and shame!

I welcome the news that mugshots of convicted paedophiles who have absconded from supervision in the community could be posted on the internet to warn children and parents.

CEOP chief executive Jim Gamble warned paedophiles they should "get help or get caught" because the internet was no longer seen as "unpoliceable".

Victor Keith Fitzgerald, an Australian national, was convicted and sentenced to 8 to 17 years imprisonment for the sexual molestation of a minor.

I would go a step further and reveal the details of any convicted Sex offender; the community should also be informed if a known sex offender moves in to their area.

I don't believe in a softy-softy approach when in comes to filth like this, it is our children that we are talking about.

Would any parent risk their child's safety on the possibility that they might not re-offend?

Statistics reveal that 66% of children knew their attacker and that 70% of paedophiles had between 1 and 10 victims while 30% had 10 or more.

These people can't be cured, the medical evidence shows that. I am in favour of hanging every single one of these scumbags but seeing as our liberal/watery society won't allow for that then they should be institutionalised for the rest of their "natural" life.

A child's safety is more important than their right to freedom; they forfeited that right when they sunk to such a level of depravity!

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