McKay - Resign or be sacked!

I meant to blog this a couple of days ago but I think its worth highlighting the disgraceful manner in which Don McKay has conducted himself since his appointment to the Parades Commission. the Parades Commisssion should be a fair, impartial and unbiased body but it is clear from Mr. McKay's actions that these are qualities far beyond the DUP man.

Mr. McKay caused controversy by claiming that he was in Parades Commission to fight for the Orange cause from within. He urged Orange supporters to "have faith in what we believe in and take the battle forward." Of course this is not the only evidence of Mr. McKay's dubious character. In his application for the post he put down the name of SDLP councillor Dolores Kelly but showed gross dishonesty by not asking Ms. Kelly for her permission. Mr. McKay also has a record for secterian behaviour, having been found to have played Loyalist tunes in his place of work and to have sold Orange calanders in what should be a neutral work environment.

Mr. McKay is clearly incapable of truth, impartiality or independence. As a member of the Orange Order he should never have been appointed to his position. It is disgraceful that the Orange Order should be allowed members on the Parades Commission when no such voice is afforded to Residents Groups. Mr. McKay's appointment has gone from unsuitable in the beginning to completly disgraceful now. If he refuses to do the decent thing and resign, he should be sacked.

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