Éirí Amach na Caisce 1916

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Balrog readers a very happy Easter. Easter is a special time for Republicans, a time when we remember our patriot dead.

This is the first year that the "Republican Party" AKA Berties Boys have decided that the men and women of 1916 are worthy of rememberance.

I welcome the fact that the 26 county government have re-instated the parade, even if their reason for doing so is electorally motivated.

Unlike Bertie we have always saw the men and women of 1916 as Irish patriots and we have remembered them every year. For us however we also remember our modern volunteers of Óglaigh Na hÉireann who gave their lives for Irish freedom.

Today I will attend my local comemmoration to Volunteers Jim Lochrie and Sean Campbell, 1st Battalion, South Armagh Brigade. I have attended this comemmoration for as long as I can remember and I don't draw a distinction between Jim and Sean and Pearse and Connolly.

All sought to free Ireland from the injustice that is British rule, all paying the ultimate price for their selfless acts.

1916 has always has a significant impact for Republicans, the Proclamation is the document that exemplifies the qualities that we seek to have enshrined in a United Ireland. Liberty and Justice for all where all of the children of the Nation are cherished equally.

It about time that the Irish government lived up to these ideals and stopped paying lipservice to them.

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