I'm back

I am glad to say that I am now back from my travelling and ready to get stuck into Blogging. I realise that it was a mistake to leave the monkeys in charge of the ship, as shown by their attempted coup.

I found England interesting; the NUS conference was definitely an experience. Throughout the conference all that could be heard was "the north of Ireland" and no mention of "Northern Ireland", I am sure Ghengis McCann's ears were burning.

We also had a Muslim student wearing a "Tiocfaidh Ár Lá" T-Shirt, don't tell Vance or else we will be drowned out by roars of "Islamo/Provo fascism".

All in all the conference would have been a cold house for Unionists, a very large majority of students seem to favour a United Ireland and do not view Unionists as their fellow countrymen but as foreign neighbours.

I did find it interesting to learn that the reason Stranmillis College disaffiliated from NUS-USI (6 county student movement) was not because it was jointly run by USI but because NUS supported the Hunger Strikers in 1981.

A weird old world

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