Honour Ireland's Dead

In the proceeding days to Easter it is apt that we as Irish republicans take stock of the last year, our liberation struggle and last but not least the sacrifices made by countless generations of Irish republican men and women. In this the 90th annivesary of the 1916 Easter Rising republicans the length and breadth of this country and further afeild should pause and reaffirm ourselves to our republican ideals and our goal as best delineated through the proclaimation. This year has assumed particulkar poignance and importance as it marks the 25th annivesary of the hungerstrike, when 10 fearless Irish Republican soldiers starved to death rather than be daubed as criminals. In both of these monmentous occasins republicanism disseminated a message across the world that our liberation struggle, and our aim of establishing a 32 county socailist republic were both legitimate and just. 'Republicans' of all shades Cokes, Irpsies and Stickies all lay claim to the mantle of 1916 and 1981, such is the enormity of the gallantry of these freedom fighters.In light of this I appeal to all republicans to attend their local commemorations, and least of all not to forget to wear an Easter Lilly, the single symbol of the undying precept of Irish Republicanism. Honour Ireland's Dead Wear an Easter Lilly!!!

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