Ex-RUC man helped find Donaldson

It seems that the Sunday World AKA Sunday Lie only found Denis Donaldson's wereabouts with the help of an ex-RUC man who has links to RUC Special Branch.

Colin Breen, who worked in Tennent Street station in Belfast and is now retired, travelled to the Glenties area of Co Donegal with a Sunday World journalist to track down Donaldson. He is not a Sunday World staff member, and the newspaper’s regular staff photographers were not used.

In his newspaper story, Jordan described how he searched for Donaldson in Donegal for a number of days. However, no mention was made of Breen’s role.

This would seem to be an interesting twist in the unfolding saga.

Did Breen recieve the information from his old pals in RUC Special Branch?

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