Donaldson family do not blame IRA

I see the family of Denis Donaldson have said that they do not believe the IRA were responsible for his death. The family have placed the blame for the sad situation they find themselves in on the manner in which Denis was used, abused and eventually cast adrift by the British security services;

But the difficult situation which our family has been put in is the direct result of the activities of the Special Branch and British Intelligence agencies.

We acknowledge the speedy statement from the IRA disassociating themselves from this murder. We believe that statement to be true.

Unsurprisingly, of course in recent days, we have seen the glee with which Unionists have greeted this sad events delighted as they were at the possiblity of having another flimsy excuse to hold up power sharing. However the Donaldson family have made clear that they have no intention to be used as stooges for rejectionist Unionism;

We would ask those politicians and media commentators who have sought to use this tragedy to score cheap political points to stop doing so

The family have also blamed the media for reporting Denis' whereabouts which made it so easy for his killers to strike. Those who were responsible for this have to take a long hard look at themselves. I only hope that all those in the media will have the decency to respect the family's wishes for a private funeral. Let them grieve in peace.

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