Denis Donaldson killed

I rarely agree with Enda Kenny on anything but I would like to echo his response to the killing of Denis Donaldson yesterday. As Enda pointed out, "This is the type of killing that we had all hoped was consigned to the past. "

What happened Mr. Donaldson must be condemned. The peace process is all about building a civilised, just and fair society and the actions taken in Donegal last night defies all these principles. It was a brutal and senseless act. Those who carried out this act are enemies of the peace process with their own grubby agendas. The timing of the killing whould make me very suspicious that those responsible were doing their best to derail the possibility of political process. They must not be allowed to.

Mr Donaldson made a lot of enemies during his life. As a British agent, he was no doubt privy to a lot of sensitive information about a lot people. Its impossible at this stage to tell who was responsible for his death although he would not surprise me if he was a dupe for his handlers- used and then discarded at their whim. I think its important to look at who had to gain from Mr. Donaldson's death. Certainly Republicans who want to see the peace process succeed had absolutely nothing to gain. However I do think it is important not to rush to judgement and that the prize of political progress must not be let slip.

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