Daily Ireland - balanced and fair

The Daily Ireland is a paper which, for some reason, seems to envoke the most bitter of reactions from people. Its critics deride it as biased and blinkered, however its interesting to note that research has shown that during the election campaign of 2005, the Daily Ireland's coverage was actually very balanced. The paper gave the SDLP just as much coverage as it gave Sinn Féin and gave the Unionist parties more coverage than the News Letter did for Nationalists.

The amount of venom that is directed towards the paper on sites like slugger always amazes me and usually it comes from people who would claim to favour free speech. Personally I don't read the paper regularly, I bought it every day at the start but in the end decided that I preferred the Irish News and went back to it. What annoys me are those who criticise it from being"one sided" yet would never think of criticising the News Letter which can often read like a DUP cheer leading sheet. Both papers have taken their editorial stand points and people should respect that, rather than gloat over every perceived misfortune. It seems that some would prefer if we went back to the old days of censorship for Republicans.

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