Collins attacks Republicans

I see that the cigar smoking reptile that is Tim Collins has attacked what he claimed is counterfeit Irish republicanism for endangering the future of peace on the island.

Collins said he had been furious on a recent visit to the Republican plot in Crossmaglen, in South Armagh to find an inscription to two IRA bombers, "to two Irish patriots from Poblacht Na hÉireann".

I couldn't really care if Collins is furious, he is afterall a former Brit army soldier, an army which have tried to harass and bully the people of South Armagh for 30 years. Added to the fact that his beloved RIR/UDR sectarian militia have been disbanded in the 6 counties and you see his mad ramblings in a new light.

"When I look at the stretched white limousines driving around the streets of Crossmaglen and the drug smugglers and the pornographers and the counterfeiters, how dare they besmirch the name of that organisation,"

What? White limousines? This "man" has lost the plot! Drug dealers? I think they are more common in his part of the country, not in South Armagh and not by Republicans!

It is a pity when you see Collins so bitter and twisted but then you remember that he was a member of the UDR/RIR.

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