British agent Donaldson found dead

I see that former Sinn Féin Administrator and British agent Denis Donaldson has been found dead in the Glenties area of Donegal. The full story has still not unfolded but I fully expect Unionists to point the finger at Republicans.

I have no doubt that this mans killing was not sanctioned by the IRA, I am also unsure if there was any Republican involvement at all.

It needs to be remembered that this man was a British agent and in the murky world that they inhabit who knows what happened. I for one would not rule out involvement by British security forces, after all a spot of cross-border killing has always been high on their agenda.

Gerry Adams has condemned the killing and distanced the Republican movement from involvement in it.

"It has to be condemned. We are living in a different era, and in the future in which everyone could share. This killing seems to have been carried out by those who have not accepted that,"

I find myself upon two minds on this issue. I despised what Donaldson did, like many Republicans.He betrayed his family, his friends, his comrades, his community and the cause. He placed his own selfish interests before that of the cause he professed to support.

For this reason you will see no crocodile tears from me but I do feel for his family in what must be a harrowing time.

That all said, we are in a new dispensation and this man should not have been killed.

I have no doubt that the twists and turns of this latest saga have yet to unfold

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