Ballymena- changing at last?

Good to see some good sense and tolerance breaking out in the town of Ballymena, a place too often synonomous with disgusting levels of secterianism. UDA murals and red, white and blue railings have been removed near the Catholic Church at Harryville. This church and its parishioneers have had to put up with a lot, from secterian attacks to secterian pickets attended by local bigots, including DUP members. Hopefully however this will help usher in a new feeling of tolerance. I know a few young Catholics from ballymena and some of them are undertstandly bitter about the secterian abuse they encountered while growing up in the town. Even in broad daylight wearing their school uniforms they were subject to secterian abuse and going out at night was apparently a complete no-no for Catholics in the town. Hopefully the next generation growing up Ballymena, and indeed all towns in the north, will not have to endure the same.

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