Unionist militia is paid its bounty

I see that the Sectarian Unionist Militia, also known as the UDR/RIR, has received a severance package for their years of "good work" i.e. sectarian murder!

In my opinion the £230 million is wasted on this motley crew of sectarian killers. That money should have gone in to Health or Education but instead it went to the Unionist militia. The UDR/RIR was nothing more than the armed wing of Unionism and Republicans and Nationalists are very glad that they are getting their marching orders.

As Gerry Adams said on the news tonight, Nationalists and Republicans are happy that we have achieved their disbandment.

So keep the money boys, after all you do deserve it after all the "good work" that you have done. I did find the whole orphan boy Oliver approach to the severance package highly amusing.

Its ok Big Ian, you can get off your knees now. I am sure the sectarian militia appreciates all of your groveling to Blair, rather like a dog looking for the scraps from his masters table.

All we are missing now is the sackcloth and ashes.

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