Stoops support Direct Rule!

I see the SDLP have finally come clean and said they would accept Direct Rule. Stoop MP for South Down, Eddie McGrady, has said that the sdlp would consider NIO Ministers exercising executive powers.

Sinn Féin Vice President Pat Doherty MP today called on the SDLP leader Mark Durkan to come clean on his party's actual position on the restoration of the political institutions.

"It appears that the SDLP are in complete and total disarray when it comes to their position on restoring the political institutions. One day they are following the Sinn Féin and Good Friday Agreement line demanding that the British government lift suspension. On the next they are seeking alternatives to the power sharing core of the Agreement. On the next they are seeking British government appointed commissioners to run the departments and yesterday Eddie McGrady said that they would be prepared for NIO Ministers to run the departments."

I see the SDLP have gave the DUP a bone on this issue, way to go boys!

This issue just goes to show why the SDLP are no longer speaking for the majority of Nationalists! Talk about Stoop down low!

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