Stand up for the countryside

Good to see that Omagh District Council are standing up for rural people and considering legal action against the disgraceful plans to restrict the rural planning process and not to allow planning permission in rural areas.

I can't state strongly how much I oppose these plans. My family have already been turned down twice for planning permission on our land and it looks like it could be even harder in future. I've lived all my life on a farm and since I was a child I have worked on the land, passed on through the generations which has been in our family for generation. My father lives and works on the land, as did his father and his father before him, back through the generations of our family.

What right does direct rule ministers have to tell me that I can't build a house to live in on my own land? They so obviously do not understand the rural way of thinking. While I intend to enjoy living in a city for the majority of my 20s, I have no intention to settle anywhere other than on my family's farm, yet apparently soon this will not be allowed. Its an absolute disgrace if people like me cannot have our homes on our own farms, the farms we've worked on since childhood.

This is one of those campaigns which all local parties should be getting behind to oppose. We need to see all partied working together and presenting a united front of opposition to these proposals which will have a terrible determential effect on rural life.

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