Resurgent nationalism poses real threat to DUP

That is the view of SBP columnist Tom McGurk and I happen to agree with him. He seems to have a sense of what "politics" means to most Unionists, nothing more than the manifestation of the siege mentality.

"Quite simply, it (the DUP) believes that, with an executive up and running and three or four Sinn Fein ministers heading a growing electoral machine of local councillors and assembly members, nationalist political and economic power would eventually overwhelm it."

McGurk correctly points out the mess that Unionism has found itself in, nothing more than a relic of a colonial past.

Gone are the days of the ship yards and industry when Unionists didn't need to do much to get gainful employment. They relied on their religion for that one.

The Nationalist community has only ever had one way to advance and that was through education. Every profession resisted the Nationalist community, from the legal profession to the medical profession. The once great bastion of the Unionist middle-classes, QUB, is now lost.

It is more common to see a GAA shirt-wearing bloke with a South Armagh/West Belfast accent than a Malone Road type.

The Unionist working class is in meltdown. Their young people have no outlet, abandoned by the state they profess loyalty to and used and abused by their "brethren" at each and every election for votes. They are isolated and angry and who could blame them.

"Insecure and stripped of their traditional economic and political power base, and given that their ultimate political goal is to maintain the union, unionists now fear devolution."

It is looking more and more likely that the Assembly will not be up and running because of the refusal by Unionists to share power.

If they don't want to share power then their must be stripped of theirs.

Give it to Dublin; let's see how the DUP likes that!

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