Plan B: No Assembly!

I have read with interest an article in todays Daily Ireland by ex-Congressman Bruce Morrison. He argues that the British and Irish governments must move things forward within the terms of the Good Friday Agreement and remove the DUP veto.

Bruce argues that “Plan B is to implement the Good Friday Agreement between the two governments, since the two governments are sovereign parties to an international agreement,”

“If the political parties in Northern Ireland can’t agree on a local government for Northern Ireland, so be it. And then all of the other matters — cross-border matters and matters within Northern Ireland itself — should be moved forward and implemented within the terms of the Good Friday agreement."

“If that’s okay with the DUP and its voters, if they’re happy to have deals done over their heads by people from London and Dublin, then so be it. If they don’t want that done, then they’re going to have to change their position on devolution, but to leave them in a position where they have a veto power, no matter what others do, is to destroy the Good Friday Agreement. And they’ve made no secret of the fact that they don’t support the Good Friday Agreement and they don’t want it implemented.”

This time it is Unionism doing the smashing!

I agree with Bruce, this stalemate can't be allowed to perpetuate forever. The DUP are making one vital mistake in this whole prcess, they believe that Sinn Féin are chomping at the bit to get back to an assembly.

The fail to realise that Sinn Féin didn't want an assembly in the first place and we can afford to do with out one if Unionist intransigence will not permit a restoration of devolved government.

That said however there is nothing stopping the Irish and British governments in implementing the other aspects of the agreement such as the North South dimensions.

If the DUP don't want local people making political decisions for the benefit of local people then so be it, they should however not be allowed to hold the process to ransom just because they haven't the bottle for powersharing.

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