Our Revenge will be the Laughter of our Children.

25 years ago today Bobby Sands began his hunger strike in the Long Kesh prison cells.. He would die on the 5th May after 66 days of fasting. You may disagree with the man's politics and his methods but no man or woman can doubt his bravery.

Bobby Sands RIP (1954 - 1981)

While on Hunger Strike, Bobby produced a diary detailing his thoughts and experiences. I first read it a number of years and it is an extermely moving account of the final days of the life of a very brave man. I have included a couple of paragraphs here.

They will not criminalise us, rob us of our true identity, steal our individualism, depoliticise us, churn us out as systemised, institutionalised, decent law-abiding robots. Never will they label our liberation struggle as criminal.

I am (even after all the torture) amazed at British logic. Never in eight centuries have they succeeded in breaking the spirit of one man who refused to be broken. They have not dispirited, conquered, nor demoralised my people, nor will they ever.

I may be a sinner, but I stand -- and if it so be, will die -- happy knowing that I do not have to answer for what these people have done to our ancient nation.

They put a table in my cell and are now placing my food on it in front of my eyes. I honestly couldn't give a damn if they placed it on my knee.

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