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I really do wonder how Peter Robinson can keep a straight face when he says that the DUP are close to the point where they can consider opening discussions with loyalist paramilitaries. Firstly, the bare hypocrisy of this is astounding. The DUP are now prepared to talk to Loyalist paramilitaries who are not on ceasefire and who are still active in their campaign of hate against Catholics and indeed often their own communities, yet they refuse to talk to the democratically elected representatvies of northern Nationalists. The DUP are showing their true colours and i hope that people will see through them for the bigots and hypocrites that they are.

Also, as Philip McGuigan rightly points out, this talk of a "new" relationship is nothing more than a farce. Clear links exist now and have always existed between the DUP and Loyalist paramilitaries. Philip goes on to detail the relationship between the DUP and Loyalism;

  • The DUP currently sit on the North and West parades forum with the UVF and UDA
  • Senior DUP MPs have lent their support to the 'Love Ulster' campaign which the UDA were involved in publicly launching
  • In the 1970s Ian Paisley formed the Third Force
  • In the 1980s the DUP formed Ulster Resistance which went on to import tonnes of weapons from South Africa to kill Catholics
  • In the late 1990s Willie McCrea stood on a platform with LVF leader Billy Wright
  • The man convicted of killing Sinn Féin member Malachy Carey, released from prison under the Good Friday Agreement, currently holds a senior position within the DUP organisation in North Antrim

The DUP like to style themselves as "defenders of democracy". In reality they are nothing of the sort, they are a bunch of hypocrites whose main goal is to defeat nationalists of any hue by whatever means possible. They are secterian to the core and seem shamlessly unapoligetic for this. that the majority of Unionists elects these people are their representatives says a lot.

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