No high life for a low life

Ive read in a Brit propaganda rag that Dennis Donaldson is living out the rest of his pathetic little life in a pre-Famine cottage in the hills of Donegal. Life in these insalubrious conditions in a delapidated cottage is no where near the just desserts this filthy peice of vermin deserves. Many may feel a degree of sympathy and compassion for this dirty rat, but I would love to see the bastard rot very, very slowly in hell. It would only be half of the hurt he has inflicted on his people, his family and the republican movement. This rotten traitor has forever sullied the iconic image of Bobby Sands, so it is only apt that he is pushed out of the public eye and into the dimunitive life of ignominy he now leads. I take extreme pleasure out of the fact that this low life, spinless coward has to live with no electric or no running water. I revel in delight at the fact his own family and people despise and detest him. It is merely the first phase of torture many like me would love to subject him to. Maybe subjecting him to this emotional, mental and gruelling physical trauma is even better than offing him like touts are traditionally execueted.

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